• Washington, DC | Neuroscience 2017

    November 11-15, 2017

Come meet us in our NEW booth (#1223 and #1229), we will demonstrate the latest solutions for animal and human behavior research and discuss options to accelerate and improve your research. We would love for you to stop by and say hi!

Booth #1223 focuses on research solutions for the study of animal behavior in neuroscience. We've got a range of great products on display, such as CatWalk XT for gait analysis, ErasmusLadder for the assessment of motor performance and motor learning in mice, and of course EthoVision XT - the best video tracking software!

Booth #1229 gives you the opportunity to learn more about data integration. Data integration is the key to understanding behavior, and advancing research aimed at understanding of the brain mechanisms supporting cognitive and social behavior in humans. Stop by to get an eye tracking demo or preview of the latest facial expression analysis software. .

Data synchronization magnets - Collect them all!

Three unique magnets are available at a select group of partners, so visit our booths to collect them all! Once you have all 3, take a picture and post on Twitter or Instagram with #SfN17 to share the experience.

Get your magnets at the Noldus booth #1229, Tobii pro booth #2701, Biopac booth #1337


Data synchronization is vital in multimodal research, so start working with Tobii Pro, Biopac, and Noldus solutions today!

Get DSI Plinko stickers at the Noldus booth

Play the DSI Plinko game at booth #1817 for your chance to win prizes! Collect stickers from the Noldus booth and the other 4 participating companies and bring them to the DSI booth to play! All players will be entered into a drawing for our grand prize, an Amazon Echo! Participating partners include:

  • DSI: Booth #1817
  • Noldus: Booth #1223 & 1229
  • ADInstruments: Booth #1423
  • iPRECIO Infusion Pumps by Primetech Corporation: Booth #918
  • CED: Booth #2117
What else is new? Video support with Noldus Media Recorder is coming to DSI’s Ponemah 6! Come see a live preview at the DSI booth!

Get to know Lucas Noldus

Lucas Noldus is the founder and managing director of Noldus Information Technology. With a Ph.D. in animal behavior, he developed the first version of what later became The Observer.
Watch this video to get to know more about Lucas. He’ll also attend Neuroscience 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Presentations at SfN 2017

A selection of Noldus-related presentations at the Society for Neuroscience meeting 2017 can be downloaded here.


Meet the trainer!

Are you looking for a little extra help with your EthoVision XT software? Would you like refresher training on how to use EthoVision XT with the Elevated Plus Maze, Radial Arm Maze, Forced Swim Test, or any other behavioral task?
Do you have questions about how to get the most out of your CatWalk XT system or any other Noldus solution?

We’ve invited Dr. Matt Feltenstein, our highly skilled trainer to join us in our booth to offer a series of help sessions and mini-trainings to our users.
Interested? E-mail Yvonne@noldus.com with your questions and we will schedule a time with Dr. Matt to sit down with you. But don’t delay – slots are filling up fast!!

EthoVision XT is the world's most used video tracking tool, as well as a software platform to build your set-up on. Video tracking essentially means that EthoVision XT recognizes your animal from a life video feed or video file and is able to track its movement or activity.

DanioVision is the complete system designed for experiments with zebrafish larvae. It is for anybody performing research in drug development, safety pharmacology, behavioral genetics, circadian rhythmicity and related research areas.

CatWalk XTis the complete system for quantitative assessment of footfalls and motor performance in rats and mice.

ErasmusLadder is the complete system for the assessment of motor performance and motor learning in mice.